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TERENCE – Glue Applicator

TERENCE – Glue Applicator

LJF : How long have you been working for le jacquard?
Terence : I arrived at Le Jacquard Français in 2004 when I was 18 years old. At the beginning of my career I was assigned to maintenance, to oil the looms. Then I became part cutter. Now I am assigned to gluing.

LJF : How would you explain your job to a child?
Terence: My job involves a lot of pretty colours. And I pass the rolls of thread in glue to make a single one that will be placed on the loom and so that the thread will not break during weaving.

LJF : What qualities do you think are required to do your job?
Terence: It requires patience because it does not always work the first time. You must not make sweeping movements and you need to use a little logic.

LJF : What do you like about your company?
Terence: I like the atmosphere within the company. The machines attracted me, it's impressive, especially their size.

LJF : What collection has had the biggest impact on you?
Terence: The Bayadère tablecloth with lots of little stripes. I spend more than an hour setting it up.

LJF : How would you define the le jacquard français brand?
Terence: It is a brand known for its fabric and its colours. There are many colours available.

LJF : What do the 130 years of expertise inspire for you?
Terence: It is an old company, which transcends time. It's a company that has stood the test of time and gives us work!

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