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OLIVIER – Chief Foreman

OLIVIER – Chief Foreman

LJF : What is your career path within Le Jacquard Français?
Olivier : JI took a Heavy Vehicle Mechanics CAP professional qualification at Gérardmer in 1989. Then during my first 10 professional years I worked as a temp in several trades: industrial mechanic, woodworking machine operator, hydraulic operator on a large industrial press, etc.
I arrived at Le Jacquard Français in 1997 for a 1st 8-month contrat as response officer. My job was to cut pieces, clean the loom and tie off the threads.
I didn't work for Le Jacquard Français for a while, as I returned to the job of woodworking machine operator. In April 1999 I was called back to work there as a technician, then team foreman and now I am Chief Foreman. So I have been working for the company for 19 years.

LJF : How would you explain your job to a child?
Olivier : I organise the work.

LJF : What collection has had the biggest impact on you?
Olivier: I really like the Christmas collections but also the difficult pieces to make, when we see the value of the product and all the work done on the model. The photos taken make it possible to show the products to their best advantage.

LJF : What does the Le Jacquard brand mean to you?
Olivier : A changing, evolving, creative brand. It is in tune with the times and at the same time in the continuity of what Le Jacquard Français has always been. However, it manages to offer models that stand out.

LJF : Que vous inspire les 130 ans de savoir-faire ?
Olivier : It's great to have a company that has been around for 130 years. It's rewarding to be in a company that is still in business because weaving in France is complicated. It is thanks to the productions of a better quality than most of the products on the market that we are still here.

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