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Naringhu – Inspector

Naringhul – Inspector

LJF : What is your career path within jacquard?
Naringhul : I obtained a seamstress diploma (clothes, sheets) in Turkey. I worked in pharmacy as a pharmaceutical assistant for 8 years part-time and part-time for Le Jacquard. Then I stopped working at the pharmacy when I was offered a permanent contract at Le Jacquard Français.
I worked in the manufacture, shipments and warping and then in inspections..

LJF : What is your job exactly?
Naringhul : I check every centimetre of fabric right after it has been woven and correct any defects, such as little pulled threads.

LJF : What do you like about your job?
Naringhul: It love to see new products, to see potential defects and correct them.

LJF : What do you do first when you arrive?
 Naringhul : As soon as I arrive, I like to clean the machine by blowing away any dust, then I install my piece and inspect it.

LJF : What items have impressed you?
Naringhul : The Fleurs Gourmandes tablecloth, which I bought, for the motifs in the middle of it.

LJF :How would you define the le Jacquard Français brand?
Naringhul :The name indicates a French brand, so you know it's made in France. It's good quality, you can feel it immediately on touching it, so it can be used for many years.

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