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LJF : Tell us about your career path
Marion : I attended the engineering school for the textile industry (ENSAIT) in Roubaix. To enrol in this school I first had to do a two-year intensive foundation degree, before passing the competitive entrance examination. I now have a postgraduate degree with an engineering diploma. I worked for a car paint company in Valenciennes for 8 months as Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Assistant. I joined Le Jacquard Français in September 2014 as Head of Finishing, Colours and Threads. Today, I am also in charge of research and development.

LJF : How would you explain your job to a child?
Marion : I research colours for new threads, potential functions for fabrics, threads with different properties: shiny, soft, furry, etc.

LJF : What qualities does your job require?
Marion : I think you need rigour and perseverance to do my job.

LJF : What is your first task in the morning?
Marion : I inspect the deliveries of coloured threads and check that the references are accurate.

LJF : Which collection has had the biggest impact on you?
Marion : Duetto, because it was difficult to develop. It took a great deal of research, both in the construction of the fabric and its treatment, to make it even more velvety-soft, for a result I was happy with.

LJF : What does the Le Jacquard Français brand mean to you?
Marion : It is a modern brand that keeps moving and follows the trends. It is dynamic and very colourful.

LJF : And the 130 years of expertise?
Marion : I am proud to be part of a company that is constantly changing, enduring and reinventing itself, it’s a positive thing.

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