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Kheira –Weaver

Kheira – Weaver

LJF : What is your career path within jacquard?
Kheira : I do not have any qualifications. I came to France in 1976, and began working as a weaver in 1977. I was trained by a trainer in the company where I was hired, in Gérardmer. Then I worked there for many years, but then this company was bought and finally closed in 2005.
I applied for a job at Le Jacquard Français where I worked a night shift for a month. I returned in 2006, then in August 2010 I was hired on a permanent contract.

LJF : Which collection has had the biggest impact on you?
Kheira : I am attracted by bright colours. Models that I particularly like? Bohème and Duetto because they are soft and the colours are both cheerful and soothing.

LJF : A story from working at jacquard?
Kheira : The first day, when I started the warping machine, I was told how to do it but didn't understand a thing and I wondered what I was going to do then I managed to by asking my colleague and thinking about how it worked. He explained it to me and left, and I didn't dare ask him again how to do it!

LJF : What do you like about your job?
Kheira : I love my job, for me it’s a passion. It's not always the same thing, we never get bored, we always have to think about what we are doing, for example an easier way to manage our looms.

LJF : What do you do first when you arrive?
Kheira : I go and look at my looms to make sure everything is in order, then I look to see if there are any defects, then I clean my looms, blow away any dust, set my counters and write my initials [Editor's note: for product traceability].

LJF : How would you define the le jacquard français brand?
Kheira : A friendly company, we make really good products. It’s colourful and creative.

LJF : What do the 130 years of expertise inspire for you?
Kheira: If it's been around for 130 years, it’s because we've been fighting for 130 years to stay in the market.
That’s an awful lot, it's good that it is continuing and resisting because it allows you to have trust in Le Jacquard. If I hear that a brand has been around for 130 years, it gives me trust in it to buy it.
Expertise means that the profession continues to exist.

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