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Julio - knotter

Julio, knotter

LJF : What is your career path ?
Julio : I started working in 1974 in a weaving and spinning factory in Granges-sur-Vologne. I was then a loom cleaner, I used oil for the warps. Then I learned to weave on linens and sheets. I then trained as a warp assembler. I then became a weaver, working night shifts.
I could not continue my education when I was younger for financial reasons. The director of the company where I worked at the time wanted me to follow a training course at Epinal weaving school.
In 1981 I started work in a textile manufacturing company as a weaver, in Gérardmer. There were retirements and therefore the possibility for a change of position. I thus learned the techniques for narrowing or widening the looms.
Thanks to all these experiences, I became very versatile. I can be a gluer, knotter, assembler, etc. in equal measure. That's when I arrived at Le Jacquard Français, in 2005, as knotter, warp assembler and weaver.

LJF : Explain your job in a few words
Julio : We dismantle a warp that is empty, we fill it and reassemble it, we retie it, we pass the knots through, and start it up again once it has been checked by the foreman who signs the start-up of the machine.

LJF : A quality required to do your job:
Julio: Passion! You have to like what you do.

LJF : What do you like about Le Jacquard ?
Julio: I like everything! As soon as I can I lend a hand to my other colleagues, for example the warehouse clerk.

LJF : What does the Le Jacquard Français brand mean to you ?
Julio: It's a good brand that makes its products in France. The company has been around for 130 years, but it is still going strong and that is thanks to its expertise.

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