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ADELINE – Warper

ADELINE – Warper

LJF : What is your career path within Jacquard?
Adeline : 21 years on the warping machine.

LJF : How would you explain your job to someone who knows nothing about textiles?
Adeline : I would explain how a warping machine works, the feeding of the bobbins to constitute a trimming (warp).

LJF : What do you like about your job?
Adeline: Being able to use my initiative (e.g. weights of the bobbins); discovering the colours forming the warp.

LJF : What qualities do you think are required to do your job?
Adeline : Professional conscientiousness.

LJF : How would you describe the Le Jacquard Français brand?
Adeline : A luxury brand.

LJF : What do you think about this anniversary of 130 years of our expertise?
Adeline : it's wonderful, long may the company last.

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