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Like a refreshing and joyful escape, this collection celebrates hedonism and leisure. Escapade Tropicale reveals itself through an exuberance of exotic patterns highlighted by jacquard weaving, bright and exhilarating colors for gourmet and sunny table decorations that smell of summer.
Each piece transports your guests to unknown places with a thousand scents, offering suspended moments. This collection in 100% linen labeled Masters of Linen® reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation. Discover unique creations that transcend the ordinary and elevate your gastronomic and sensory experiences.



Table Linen

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable summer getaway with our exclusive collection. The floral patterns and vibrant colors of this line evoke a joyful and refreshing escape, an invitation to travel to distant lands with lush vegetation. Adorn your table with an exotic landscape thanks to the jacquard-woven table runner for exceptional quality. Each piece in this unique collection creates suspended moments, transforming your space into a sensory oasis.
The tablecloth adorned with floral patterns and vivid colors offers a captivating and durable backdrop with its long and robust linen fibers. The matching table runner adds a touch of sophistication to your table, creating visual harmony with the tablecloth. But you can also use it alone as a decorative element. Also, complete this universe with our cushion covers.

Collection essentiel


Décorations and accessories

Linge de table essentiel

The unique accessories from our collection will create an elegant and cozy ambiance. Choose the cushion cover in linen labeled Masters of Linen®, featuring exotic patterns and vibrant colors evoking lush vegetation. Every detail of this cushion cover contributes to an exceptional sensory experience.
Serve with style using our birchwood tray, inspired by tropical flora, for an exotic and refreshing presentation. Perfect for showcasing your delights, this tray adds a distinctive and colorful touch to your gourmet moments. Explore the diversity of our Tropical Getaway collection and enhance your decor with unique accessories.