Advice & Tips


Care advice

Well cared-for linens are more resistant to wear and tear.
The use of tumble dryers is not recommended as they wear out the fibres and dull the fabric.
Clean stains as quickly as possible so that it does not set as it dries. A little soap and water is usually enough.
Always refer to the washing symbols on the label.
Before the first use, it is strongly recommended to soak the items in temperate water without detergent. This clean water bath removes the remaining primer on the fabric and will prevent stains from binding into the fabric.  

Coloured linen

Normal washing between 40° and 60° without overloading the machine. Never wash below 40°.
It is recommended that you use special colour laundry detergent is recommended in low doses and the addition of fabric softeners is strongly discouraged.
Never put folded items in your washing machine.
In case of persistent stains, use a diluted stain remover before washing or rub the stain with soap before washing a second time between 40° and 60°.
Iron inside out with a hot steam iron or over a slightly damp cloth.

White linen

Wash at 60° or 90° depending on the degree of soiling.
Before washing, you can use a pre-diluted stain remover.
For difficult stains, you can add bleach to your wash water, strictly following the recommended doses and methods and performing a thorough rinse.
Never put bleach directly on the stain.
Iron inside out with a hot steam iron or over slightly damp cloth.

Coated tablecloths

Ironing must be done using a very hot iron on the back of the tablecloth. Use of steam will help (this reactivates the stain-resistant fluorinated resins).
A sponge is sufficient to remove stains. Do not use any stain remover or bleach.

Anti-stain tips

Astuces antitaches

Red wine

Quickly absorb the spilled wine with absorbent paper or a white cloth, wet with white wine or 60% alcohol, avoid salt as it damages the fabric, and wash your tablecloth as quickly as possible after eating. If you do not wash it immediately, allow the stained section to soak in cold water

Bright-coloured stains (red fruit, lipstick, flower pollen)

Rinse first with cold water. Dab with a cloth soaked in methylated spirits to remove as much colour as possible, then rub the stain with washing-up liquid, rinse with cold water and only then machine wash.


Remove as much of the candle as possible by scraping the wax that has dripped onto the tablecloth. Roll the fabric between your fingers to remove any wax that has penetrated the fibres. Pull the stained fabric taught and pour hot water over the stain to melt the wax. Then wash your tablecloth.


Quickly wet the stain with sparkling water and wash the tablecloth as soon as possible. Tea is a powerful colourant that is difficult to remove once the stain has set.


Apply washing-up liquid to the stain and machine wash.
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