A table set up with style is always evocative of shared pleasure. For a big event, a sophisticated dinner or simply laid on the grass for a picnic, the tablecloth is the centerpiece of your decor.

Inspired by nature, architecture and travel and available in flamboyant or soft tones, our designs exude a poetry full of optimism and joie de vivre. Coated or classic, haute couture spirit, graphic or traditional white, with nearly 100 different models, our House's stylists put their imagination at the service of your tastes and desires.

A symbol of the French art of living, the tablecloth is meticulously manufactured. The noble materials, linen and cotton, are woven in the pure tradition of the "Jacquard technique" associated with the latest technological innovations. The result is a damask of exceptional richness for an impeccable fall and ease of use and maintenance.

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  1. enduit
  2. 100% COATED COTTON Waterproof & stain resistant
  3. 100% COTTON
  4. 100% LINEN
  5. 47% lin / 43% coton / 10% polyester
  6. 50% COTTON / 50% LINEN
  7. 89% coton / 11% lin
  8. 99 % coton / 1% autres fibres
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Coated tablecloth Fleurs Gourmandes Chalk

Coated tablecloth Fleurs Gourmandes Chalk

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Available soon
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