Size guide


Choosing the right tablecloth

Rectangular, oval, round or square tablecloth, it's not always easy to choose the appropriate tablecloth size. The choice obviously depends on the size of your table, but also on the style you want for your room. A 20-30cm drop is perfect for giving your table a casual look, while a 40-50cm drop will give it a more traditional feel.
Tip: a square tablecloth on a rectangular table? It's possible and even very trendy!
For a foolproof selection process, please refer to the table below:
TABLECLOTH TYPE, LENGTH OR DIAMETERNumber of guests for a width of 175 cm (1 at each end)Number of guests for a width of 220 cm (1 or 2 at each end)
Square tablecloth4 guests4 to 8 guests
Ø 175 cm4 to 8 guests 
250 cm4 to 8 guests4 to 8 guests
Ø 240cm 4 to 8 guests
320 cm4 to 8 guests 4 to 8 guests
380 cm4 to 8 guests4 to 8 guests
SQUARE TABLETablecloth size for a drop of between 30 and 40 cmTablecloth size for a drop of between 41 and 60 cm
Width 70 to 95 cm150 x 150cm175 x175 cm
Width 96 to 115 cm175 x175 cm220 x 220 cm
Width 116 to 139 cmbespoke220 x 220 cm
Width 140 to 160 cm220 x 220 cmnot available
OVAL OR RECTANGULAR TABLE Length or width of the tablecloth
 Length or width of the tablefor a drop between 20 and 40 cmfor a drop between 41 and 60 cm
70 to 95 cm150 cm175 cm
96 to 115 cm175 cm220 cm
116 to 139 cmbespoke220 cm
140 to 160 cm220 cm250 cm
161 to 190 cm250 cmbespoke
191 to 230 cmbespoke320 cm
231 to 260 cm320 cmbespoke
261 to 290 cmbespoke380 cm
291 to 320 cm380 cm 
ROUND TABLEDiameter of the tablecloth for a drop between 30 and 40 cmDiameter of the tablecloth for a drop between 31 and 61 cmAlternative square tablecloth: recommended sizeShortest dropLongest drop (at corners)
Ø 70 to 95 cm150 cm175 cm175 x 175 cmbetween 40 and 60 cmbetween 80 and 90 cm
Ø 96 to 115 cm175 cm220 cm175 x 175 cm between 30 and 40 cmbetween 60 and 80 cm
Ø 116 to 139 cmbespoke220 cm220 x 220 cmbetween 40 and 50 cmbetween 60 and 80 cm
Ø 140 to 160 cm220 cmnot available220 x 220 cmbetween 30 and 40 cmbetween 60 and 90 cm

All our products are treated to control shrinking, however it is normal to see a slight shrinkage of around 4% after the first washes.

Dressing gown size guide

Whether it's for yourself or as a gift, it's not always easy to find the right size dressing gown.
All measurements in the table are those of the new product. After washing, a shrinkage of the material and therefore a slight reduction in size is normal.
This is taken into account when creating the measurements for new products (around 4% shrinkage after washing).

Shoulder WidthA4951544546494045465152.556404446
Sleeve lengthB535455595961.5576364.556575759.56061.5
Upper sleeve widthC30.53131.5262728.527.5293029.53132.529.530.532
Width at cuffD1516.51715.515.515.516.516.5181516.516.51515.516
Chest circumferenceE515758535662496062586064556162
Hem circumferenceG53.5585856.56162.553636961636553.564.564
Back lengthI121122122102.5104.5105.5111112114.5109110114101.5102103.5

*Items pre-wash
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