The quality of our linen, certified

La qualité de notre lin labellisée

We now have the Masters of Linen®certification. This is a registered trademark and a seal of excellence which is 100% Made in Europe: it guarantees the European traceability of linen, from the plant to the fibre and finally the fabric. A benchmark for professionals and consumers!

Our commitment to producing high-quality European linen is also expressed through our partnership with the cooperative Land of Linen where linen growers strive to preserve their unique expertise while changing practices around production, respect for the environment and social commitment.



Always on the lookout for new accessories to showcase our products in our photos or in our window displays, over the years we have experienced wonderful artistic and human encounters which we wanted to share with you today. With Escapade we set off to meet these French artisans who love colours and materials, with real expertise in creating products which will complement your decor!

A colourful collaboration

Une collaboration haute en couleurs
This season, we are combining our expertise with that of Brun de Vian-Tiran and unveiling our first super-soft collaboration featuring two exclusive plaid collections. A meaningful partnership between two exceptional French companies, ambassadors for fine linen and textiles, made in France in our ancient textile manufacturing tradition. From this obvious partnership were born “Rovaniemi” and “Duo”, two exceptional collections of plaids with pure, simple lines. Each showcases the natural materials cherished by Brun de Vian-Tiran, in a palette of contemporary colours unique to Le Jacquard Français, designed to elevate your everyday life.
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