It’s not always easy to come up with great ideas for decorating your table or interior. Whether you decide to go for a romantic place setting or want to bring a 70’s interior to life, we offer interior decoration ideas and practical advice!

Our interior inspirations


It’s high time to take care of yourself… and your interior! With raw materials, natural furniture and artisanal creations, the trend is towards calm, ethical decor.


The Baroque style mixes luxury and abundance with a dash of panache. To reproduce it properly, here are some tips to follow.


Go for vintage with 1970s-inspired decor. You’ll find bright colours and geometric patterns for a disco-inspired look!


A perfect table

Whether it's for an informal meal or a stylish dinner, setting a table according to the rules of the art can be an ordeal. Discover our tips for creating a perfect table setting in no time at all!
In general, the diners’ plates should be at least 50 cm apart and placed 2.5 cm from the edge of the table. Limited space? Keep things cosy and bring the plates closer together. The cutlery is arranged on each side of the plate: the knives and soup spoons on the right, the forks on the left. To make it easier for your guests, here's a simple rule: Cutlery should be laid out in the order it will be used. As such, the cutlery you use first will be placed furthest from the plate. The water glass and the wine glass(es) go above the plate. For a table set in the French style, the teeth of the fork lie face-down on the table. Take care to place the knives with the blade facing towards the plate.

A perfect table

The napkin: a must-have accessory!

The napkin: a must-have accessory!

Formal or on-trend, the napkin takes on endless shapes and becomes a vital decorative asset for your table. Here are some tips on how to make your napkin a decorative item in its own right. Simply placed under the plate, tied in a knot or rolled and secured with a leather lace, this season simplicity is the order of the day.

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