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Le Jacquard Français

Authentic Craftsmanship, contemporary style

Le Jacquard Français, exceptional materials and thread quality

Choosing exceptional materials

he exceptional quality of our creations is firstly attributable to the choice of our materials. The quality of Le Jacquard Français stands out through the exceptional quality of the materials its uses in its creations. The firm only uses natural fibers: cotton and linen, which are among the finest on the market.

The fine, top-quality combed yarns give incomparable radiance and precision to create cut-out designs; their exceptional properties enable us to obtain the most intense colors. Both the cotton and linen yarns used by Le Jacquard Français are produced with the longest fibers. These fibers are rarer than others and of higher quality.

The stringent selection of these fibers is crucial to ensure that our creations are produced in keeping with the brand's aesthetic standards and that they'll withstand the test of time.

Le Jacquard Français sizing process

Trade secret

The preparation of the warp is a major stage for the quality of our production as it takes time and requires extreme precision. It consists in assembling 6 to 7,000 parallel threads, winding them onto a warp beam, then gluing them to improve their resistance during the weaving process. This preparation takes place through a specific series of highly precise stages.

The weaving starts once the warp threads have been mounted onto the loom. The patterns are obtained mechanically through different weaves (instead of through printing) and are thus visible on both sides of the fabric. The various ways of criss-crossing the threads are called “weaves”. They produce the relief effects and motifs.

A well-controlled finishing process: The term "finishing" refers to all the operations and treatments required to transform an "unfinished" fabric (also known as "loom finished fabric”) into an end product ready to be transformed into articles. All our articles undergo 3 successive treatments.

Le Jacquard Français continuously invests in state-of-the-art equipment so its creations can benefit from the latest technologies.

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