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Le Jacquard Français

Le Jacquard Français, a french company with a human history

Bleachflied exploitation in gerardmer in the heart of the Vosges

Le Jacquard Français, a human story

Le Jacquard Français is a great human story, that of men and women with a passion for their work. Since 1888, each of them has contributed to building a world-unique brand of table linen. Throughout the collections, our teams make use of age-old techniques to leave their mark in the modern world, combining technological innovation and unique know-how. The pride of being the custodian of an ancestral tradition, as well as a major player in new fashions and trends, this is what binds us together around an ambitious project.

For over a hundred years, weavers, tiers, warpers and slashers, all performing their tasks with passion, have been the driving force of our production site located in Gérardmer, in Eastern France.

Today, Le Jacquard Français is not only the benchmark for generations of people who share the same passion for beautiful linen and home decorating, but also an evolving brand which keeps up with changes in entertaining trends.

Le Jacquard Français postwar manufactory reconstruction

Once upon a time... there was a French firm

The weaving workshops of Le Jacquard Français were set up in 1888 in Gérardmer, in the heart of the Vosges mountain range. This geographical area was chosen for its ancestral textile tradition. Specializing in fine damask linen, Le Jacquard Français offers a wide range of exclusive Table linen, Kitchen linen and Bath linen.

The word “jacquard” is a generic term which refers to a weaving technique. Invented in the 19th century by Joseph-Marie Jacquard, it automated the weaving of damask fabric. "Damask“ is the name given to fabric with patterns that are visible on both sides. It owes its name to the city of Damascus in Syria, a stage on the famous Silk Route.

“Jacquard” looms are activated by a mechanical program which controls the raising and lowering of the warp threads through a harness. This complex technique makes it possible to combine a large variety of weaves in the same fabric and thus create numerous original and exclusive motifs.

Exemple of fabric and colours that inspire the creations of Le Jacquard Français

The advent of color

Up until the 1960s, household linen was predominantly white. It's only in the 1970s that new designers came into the limelight with their different approach to interior decoration, giving a central place to color. Primrose Bordier, one of the most famous designers of that period, wanted to overturn the status quo and bring colorful style into the home. Her collaboration with Le Jacquard Français started in 1978. It was the beginning of a long, shared success story.

Le Jacquard Français thus innovated on the technical level, invested in R&D in search of colors, and incontestably positioned itself as an avant-garde player by revolutionizing its collections. Its weaves allowed colors to burst into the dining room and kitchen. The extreme finesse and precision of the motifs, and the unique harmonies and color combinations, exclusively designed for each creation, turned the brand into an uncontested benchmark in table linen in the space of a few years.

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