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Always refer to the washing symbols on the product label. Act as quickly as possible on a fresh stain so that it does not become encrusted while drying: moisten it then rub it with Marseille soap or a suitable stain remover before washing the tablecloth.

Before first use, it is highly recommended to wash items in a washing machine in warm water without detergent. This fresh water soak will remove the finish from the fabric and thus prevent stains from sticking to it.

The use of a dryer is not recommended because it wears the fibres and dulls the fabric. All our products receive a treatment which enables controlling shrinkage. However, it is normal to notice a slight shrinkage of about 4% after the first wash.




Colored linen

Wash colored linen at a temperature between 40°C (104°F) and 60°C (140°F), without overloading the machine. Caution: do not mix with linen whose color is likely to run. Avoid the use of a fabric softener. Ironing should be done on the back side with a hot iron and strong steam, ideally when the linen is still slightly damp.e.

Coated tablecloths

Coated tablecloths are easy to maintain on a daily basis wiped with a wet sponge on the coated outer surface. Do not use stain removers or bleach. Ironing should be done on the wrong side with strong steam. Do not place a hot pan or dish straight out of the oven directly on the tablecloth. To preserve the coating it is advisable not to leave the tablecloth outdoors after use.de.


White linen

White linen should be washed with light-colored laundry, without mixing it with colored laundry whose color might run, at a temperature between 60°C and 90°C (140°F and 194°F) according to how soiled it is. In case of stains it is possible, before washing, to treat it with a suitable stain remover or to rub it with Marseille soap. It is also possible, in case of a stubborn stain, to add bleach to the washing water, carefully following the prescribed doses and conditions. Never apply pure bleach directly to the stain. Ironing should be done on the wrong side with a hot iron and strong steam.


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Rub the stain with Marseille soap or dishwashing liquid before washing the tablecloth at 60°C (140°F), or even 90°C (194°F) for white laundry, if the stain persists. An effective alternative is to sprinkle Terre de Sommières powder stain remover on the stain and leave it for several hours. Then remove the excess clay, whose absorbent property reduces or even clears the grease stain, rub with Marseille soap and then machine wash.

Red wine

Soak up the spilled wine as quickly as possible with absorbent paper or cloth, wet the stain and rub it with a suitable soap or stain remover. Avoid using salt that may damage the fabric, and wash the tablecloth as soon as possible after the meal. Otherwise, soak the stain in cold water before treatment.

Colored stain

Rinse first with cold water, dab the stain with a cloth moistened with alcohol to eliminate as much as possible, then rub it with dishwashing liquid or Marseille soap and then wash the tablecloth as soon as possible.


Remove as much as possible by scraping the wax that has flowed onto the tablecloth. Roll the fabric between your fingers to remove the wax that has penetrated the fabric. Place absorbent paper over and under the stain and iron with a hot iron to absorb the wax. Then rub the stain with soap or dishwashing liquid and then wash the tablecloth.

Tea or coffee 

Dab the stain quickly and rub it with Marseille soap or glycerin diluted with warm water before washing the tablecloth as soon as possible. Tea is a powerful dye and it is difficult to make it disappear when the stain is encrusted.