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nappe collection instant bucolique



A true favorite, our original creations are sublimated on delicate fabrics. Carefully selected materials, in Jacquard weave or printed, add a sensory dimension to the sleep experience.
The essence of the brand is revealed through expressive colors, a distinctive "twist" and stylish patterns. The color palettes fit harmoniously into the new "home ecosystem", an elegant balance with a modern touch, for resolutely contemporary collection.



Charmilles Collection

A country getaway in a house with English charm. Small foliage unfurls all over for a comforting opulence. This cotton jacquard comes in shades of aqua green and khaki, for tableware and homewear. It also coordinates with the khaki set from the Nuances collection.

Collection essentiel


Jardin d'Eden Collection

Linge de table essentiel

Immerse yourself in deep blue panoramas with our Jardin d'Eden collection. This set is a life-size journey into the heart of a lush garden. Inspired by panoramic paintings, ivy, capillary, calathea, hosta and many other species harmonize to create a garden paradise. Matching pillowcases are accented with a delicate braid.


Songe Collection

A contemporary, mixed-weave white percale, this double-ruffled set is infinitely versatile. A fine overjet of color refreshes the room. For this season, blue, khaki and a cheerful coral pink.

Collection essentiel