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Origin Made in France.

Le kit du cuistot

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Le Slip Français and Le Jacquard Français. Two companies that reinvent French style on a daily basis through elegant textile creations made using the finest materials.

Today, we are proud to present our chef’s kit, injected with all the fun of Le Slip Français and all the Vosges-based quality and expertise of Le Jacquard Français.
The kit includes a truly one-of-a-kind apron, a tea towel and an oven glove, to delight budding cooks and top chefs alike.

An original and, as always, 100% French creation assembled by a team of stylists, graphic designers, beam warpers, sizers, knotters, weavers, visitors and producers to allow you to cook at your very best and, above all, in style!
Even if your cooking leaves a little to be desired, you’re bound to get your guests talking, and we can’t wait to hear about it!
The kit is worn by Pierre Augé, chef of La Maison de Petit Pierre in Béziers (and previous winner of the French Top Chef TV competition).

This apron is really something!
100% cotton, it boasts a lovely pair of red underpants to hold your cheat sheets for the perfect béchamel sauce! With its contemporary graphics and denim shade, it’ll stop you staining your best clothes.

HOME SLIP HOME? Underwear as kitchenware!
That’s the proud motto of this 100% cotton tea towel, for drying your dishes (well, if you do them) and bringing some zing to your kitchen!

Let’s face it, taking something out of the oven without burning yourself is hard unless you're an ace contortionist. So, we thought an insulated, super-strong cotton oven glove would be much more practical that lessons in bellydancing (though that would be pretty fun). Now there’s no more need to get your knickers in a twist: just pop on your oven glove and you’re good to go! 100% anti-burn cream guaranteed.
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