A know-how and a 100% French style, escape into a universe between charm, elegance and tradition.

Inspired by the Elysée Palace and French art-de-vivre, the Elysée collection evokes the spirit of guinguettes, bistro tablecloths, typical French picnics and traditional kitchen tiles.

Games of, checks, lines and weaves, cockerel's foot, braid and satin magnify the know-how of jacquard weaving, and bring modernity to the collection for an interior that is both dynamic and elegant!

Worked down to the smallest details, you will appreciate the finish in bourdon overjet, which brings a little touch of fantasy and modernity for a resolutely chic and current line, and, the blue white red, Cocorico !

Its elegant simplicity will allow you to use it in all contexts as well for the big winter evenings with candles and towels as for summer picnics in all simplicity!

The "French Republic" logo is subtly integrated in tone on tone in the weaving and inks the products in our heritage and traditions.

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